With over 12 successful events, participants have raised over


Welcome to Cops and Rockers, a complete turn key fundraising program that links local law enforcement agencies with local school students to host MuchMusic Video Dances where you get to keep 100% of the money... Yes 100%!

Volunteer students selected as champions become the local law enforcement's specific school contact responsible for distributing, tracking and collecting pledge sheets used to raise funds for a local cause selected by the law enforcement agencies.

The spirit of this innovative new program is to provide the local law enforcement agencies the opportunity to build meaningful long term relationships with local teenagers ranging from ages 9 to 13 (usually grades 5 to 8), with no risk on their parts since all costs are covered by us at Cops and Rockers!

This is also a practical benefit to the students who now require a minimum 40 hours of community service to graduate.

The program was developed by Ron Chénier, President of Ron Chénier & Associates Inc. Cornwall, ON. His extensive work with The Law Enforcement Torch Run over a 10-year period has helped them raise over 2.5 million dollars in net profits.

Once again, Cops and Rockers has secured corporate sponsorship to include exciting student prizes and to underwrite all costs associated with the event (including Much Video Dance and all printed materials you will need), making it possible for the local law enforcement agencies to retain 100% of the funds raised to be used for a cause of their choice!

Imagine a fundraising event where EVERYBODY WINS... "Local law enforcement bring "MuchMusic" to town and they take along the students to the dance!"

Parents love it! Schools love it! Students "absolutely" love it! and you get to keep 100% of the funds!

For full details and to reserve your Cops and Rockers, Risk-Free event, call Toll Free NOW at 1.888.Chenier (243.6437).

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